Staff Members


Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Prof J Allen-CollinsonDirector of HART, and Professor in Sociology & Physical Culture in the School of Sport and Exercise Science. Jacquelyn’s research coheres around the lived experience of various health and illness conditions, and the social interactional, embodied, and sensory aspects of participation in sport and physical cultures.  She has also conducted evaluations of a range of health and exercise promotion schemes and is a specialist in qualitative methodology.

Mr Daniel Bishop

Daniel BishopPrincipal Lecturer in sport and exercise biomechanics in the School of Sport and Exercise Science. Dan has been involved in a number of project evaluations which have looked at the effects of community and school-based initiatives on increasing physical activity in young people.

Dr Lee Crust

Lee CrustSenior Lecturer in sport and exercise psychology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science. Lee’s research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods and broadly reflects positive psychology – the study of positive human functioning and flourishing. His main research focus is mental toughness, although he also has an interest in green exercise, and psychological well-being.

Professor Nigel Curry                                                                                               

CURRY photoVisiting Professor at the University of Lincoln and formerly Professor of Countryside Planning at the University of Gloucestershire and University of the West of England. Nigel has a particular interest in rural development, embracing the relationship between food production, consumption and health, the social and economic value of healthy exercise and the health and welfare of rural older people. He is currently involved in HART’s health and food research programme.

Dr Nikolas DickersonNik

Lecturer in Sport Sociology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Nik’s work examines how film, television, the printed press, and social media construct knowledge about race, gender, the nation, and sporting spaces. He is interested in how these mediated narratives are connected to larger systems of power.

Dr Adam EvansDr Adam Evans

Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise & Sports at the University of Copenhagen. Adam’s research focuses upon the social, qualitative aspects of participation in sport, exercise and physical activity, as well as programme evaluation of community-based projects.

Dr Hannah Henderson
Hannah HendersonSenior Lecturer in health and exercise science in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Hannah’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of physical activity interventions, increasing understanding of what is required in designing and delivering effective physical activity interventions, and how this is best evaluated to reflect fully impact.

Geoff MiddletonMr Geoff Middleton

Principal Lecturer with direct experience of administration of, delivering and monitoring health promotion programmes relating to physical activity and nutrition in multi-setting environments. Geoff’s past and past research focuses on evaluating health promotion programmes on a consultancy basis.

Dr Danny Taylor

Danny TLecturer in sport physiology in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Danny’s research to date has focussed on pacing during multi-modal exercise, and also the combined physiological and perceptual demands of sport, exercise and physical activity. This has more recently led to an interest in better understanding how exercise, task perception and/or pacing interventions may help enhance the health/fitness status of different populations.

Dr Kate Timmins

KTimminsSenior Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science. With a background in nutritional and physical activity epidemiology, Kate’s research is concerned with the lifestyle determinants of health and chronic non-communicable diseases. Previous projects have focused on environmental factors affecting food choice, the measurement of diet and physical activity, the epidemiology of osteoarthritis, and the use of ‘big data’ for obesity research.

Dr Donna Windard

Donna EvansSenior Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, Donna’s previous research has involved the evaluation of community and school-based initiatives on increasing physical activity in young people. Donna is also the director of the Youth Sport Group.